About Us

Stories ARE US

Look No Further! You have reached the right people.

At Animania, we believe in the power and versatility of 2D and 3D based animation. We explore the very depth of our art to tell compelling stories for your audience. For us, it is not a sporadic onetime activity. It is a passion to be honed and developed so we can help you with superior output that tell a better story. In fact, we eat, drink and live Animation.

Animation is an art form…we are the artists…..the stories- our filled canvas.


To use Animation to tell compelling stories. To explore our art form to always provide a cutting edge to your communication.


  • We are dedicated to translating your vision into exceptional, compelling animated stories that delivers measurable results.
  • We nourish the integration of the strategic logistics of the left brain with the creative vision of the right brain.
  • We value the relationships with our clients and their organizations.
  • We utilize the highest quality video equipment, technologies and talent available.
  • We are morally and ethically committed to producing only positive and responsible content.


  • ARTIST-RUN: Promoting artistic achievement and excellence
  • DIVERSITY: Reflective of our community
  • ANIMATION: Fostering the use and appreciation of animation in all its glory and versatility as an artistic medium.
  • INDEPENDENCE: Providing a platform for expression to a wide range of voices and approaches, supporting the filmmaker as an artistic creator
  • INNOVATION: Fostering creativity and new directions and ideas
  • SERVICE ORIENTATION: Being focused on the need of the client. It is after all his requirements that find interpretation through us.